Hamilton Volunteer Opportunities

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Hamilton PTA has many opportunities to volunteer. We have listed some of our various volunteer opportunities below.
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Clinic Volunteers

The PTA organizes volunteers to work in the clinic each day during lunch so Mrs. Giannetti and Mrs. Byrd can have their lunch breaks.They are both very grateful for this support. Clinic volunteers work approximately noon - 1:15 pm.

Clinic Volunteer 

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Bagel Day Volunteers

Please consider signing up to help us with bagel distribution on bagel days.  You will arrive at 8:40, check in at the office, and find the bagel cupboard in the office work room.  All instructions are on that cupboard.  It's actually quite simple!  You should be out of there around 9:00/9:05.  You can bring your children, they can help deliver the bagels.

Bagel Day Volunteer

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Media Center/Library Volunteers

Hamilton Library volunteers help check in books, put books away on the shelves, and help K-2 students check books out. Thank you for your help!

Library Volunteer 

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