Public Safety

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Public Safety Drills

A.L.I.C.E Protocol Information

The Troy School District is implementing a new emergency protocol for crisis incidents. Four parent meetings were held to give information and ask questions. Knowing that not every parent was able to attend, the Troy School District has posted a presentation and a comprehensive list of FAQ and answers.

Please Click here to Access Full Page of A.L.I.C.E. Protocol Information

Parking Lot Safety


Drop Off/Pick Up Loop (New)

Drop Off:

Enter through the north driveway (closest to Whitfield).  Drive all the way to the new stairs to drop off.  Kiss and go!  Remember to be quick so the line keeps moving.  Continue out and exit through the south driveway.  Be careful turning!

Pick Up:

Enter through the north driveway (closest to Whitfield).  Drive all the way to the end of the loop and pull up behind the last car in line.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR.  When your child(ren) come to the car, load quickly and safely and leave through the south driveway.

Parking Lot:


Enter through the driveway marked entrance.  Turn left immediately to park in the first two rows.  The last two rows and the cut out parking in the bus loop are for staff only. 


Buses and cars that are parking will enter the same driveway but buses will continue straight up the driveway to the bus loop. 


We continue to encourage families who are eligible for bussing to use that service as it cuts down on parking lot traffic significantly.  It also helps build independence in our children!  We also encourage walking and biking when possible.


Thank you so much for helping us keep the parking lot safe!  We are looking forward to a great school year!