School Safety

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Public Safety Drills

A.L.I.C.E Protocol Information

The Troy School District is implementing a new emergency protocol for crisis incidents. Four parent meetings were held to give information and ask questions. Knowing that not every parent was able to attend, the Troy School District has posted a presentation and a comprehensive list of FAQ and answers.

Please Click here to Access Full Page of A.L.I.C.E. Protocol Information

Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Procedures 2018-19
Please become familiar with and adhere to these parking lot guidelines to make sure
our parking lot is safe for the children:
  • Please enter the parking lot at the north side and exit at the south side.

  • Follow all arrows in the lot.

  • The loop is for student drop-off/pick-up and buses ONLY. 

  • The only parking spots are located along the south driveway and these spots must be occupied before the cones are out.  If you arrive after the cones are in place, you may NOT park there.

  • Please take advantage of our drop-off/pick-up system.  The line begins near the crosswalk and continues along the driveway.  If you get in this line, please stay in your car and move up as others leave.  Please carefully exit the line only after your children are safely in the car.  Watch for other cars and buses.  Do not stand, park, or exit your car in this area of the circle drive. Image result for parking lot safety free clipart

  • If it is necessary for you to park, please do so in a designated spot only.   Escort your child across the parking lot via the crosswalk to the sidewalk and do not cross in front of or between buses.

  • School begins at 9:04am. If your child arrives at school at 9:09am or later, your child is tardy.  You will know your child is late because the cones will be picked up.  Please park your car in the parking lot and come into the building, through the main door, with your child to sign him/her into school in the office.

  • Do not park on the grass.  This is city property and you will be ticketed.

  • Please refrain from using your cell phone during drop-off and pick-up.  We need you to be totally focused on the children.

  • In order to cut down on traffic and for the students’ safety, we encourage eligible families to use the bus or to let children walk or ride their bikes to school.


School staff will be in the parking lot directing traffic.  Thank you for your cooperation and support!